Small breweries throughout Connecticut are producing some of the finest beer available. While you can travel throughout the state to sample the offerings of each brewer, Wines and More West carries stock from these local producers.  Please call ahead to check our inventory – some of these small batch beers move very quickly!

Back East Brewing – Bloomfield CT
BackEastBrewingCompanyBack East Brewing Company is a new craft brewery located in Bloomfield, CT. Founded by Edward Fabrycki, Jr. and Tony Karlowicz, two cousins with a passion for great-tasting, high-quality beer, Back East brews several different styles of beer.   They developed several exciting recipes that they are proud to put the Back East name on the map.  They have won or place highly in several beer competitions.
Beaver Beer Co – Greens Farms, CT
Beaver-BeerImpressed by the hard-working, hard-playing nature of nearby beavers three friends decided to celebrate those attributes by naming their brew “Beaver Beer”. Back at the brewery they challenged the brewmaster to use his many years of experience to create his masterpiece… but they each preferred a different style. The result; three dam fine tasting Beavers! Blonde (a gorgeous pale ale); Brewnette (a silky smooth Amber Lager); and Big Red (a frolicksome, heady IPA).
Beer’d Brewing Co- Stonington, CT
Beerd-Brewing-CoBrewing hand crafted ales in extremely small batches, The Beer’d Brewing Company revisits the rich history of the South Eastern Connecticut, and pays homage to the highly skilled craftsman that created the foundation of this great community. Classified as a Nano Brewery, our 93 gallon/3 BBL brew house allows them to be creative, agile and extremely hands on with every ounce of beer they produce. You can expect several experimental brews a year and different takes on classic styles on a regular basis. As craft as craft gets!
Broad Brook Brewing Co East Windsor, CT
BroadBrookBrewingThey were tired of drinking bland beer that fell flat on our taste buds. So in September 2010, some friends decided it was time to take matters into our own hands and they started to brew some of the finest beer in New England. Each had prior brewing experience, but when they began brewing together,it soon became clear that they had a knack for making full-bodied flavors that left us wanting more! Soon they entered competitions and open a brewery in 2011.
Cavalry Brewing Company – Oxford, CT
Cavalry-Brewing-CompanyBrew master Mike McCreary has a knack for making great beer.  Out of a small brew house in Oxford comes some of  CT’s best beers. Mike says, “Cavalry Brewing came about because I wanted to tell a story about my experiences in the military and about the friends I served with in Iraq. Please enjoy my first line of beers as a tribute to them and all soldiers who fight for this country.”
Charter Oak Brewing Company – New Canaan, CT
charter-oak-brewingCharter Oak has barley and hops delivered right before they brew, then, they mill our barley the day they brew for guaranteed freshness.  They brew in small batches (250-280 cases at a time) and distribute beer that assures the freshest beer. The Charter Oak beer you buy could well have been bottled last week!
City Steam Brewery Cafe and Restaurant – Hartford, CT
City-Steam-BreweryLocated in a historic building in the states capital, City Steam Brewery is a site to behold.  When steam was introduced to the brewing process in the mid-1800’s, it was the epitome of modernization. No more stoking fires or shoveling coal to keep the kettles boiling! All a brew master had to do was turn a few valves and the vapor started rolling. Better yet, steam provided a faster, more consistent flow of heat and, in turn, a better brew of beer.  Now they use those same techniques to make award winning brews.
Cottrell Brewing Co – Pawcatuck, CT
Cottrell-Brewing-CompanyCottrell is a family owned Connecticut-based microbrewery, manufacturing delicious craft beers in a fine NewEngland tradition.  Founded in 1996, their beers are fresh, full of character, and at the top of their class.
East Haddam Brewing Co – East Haddam, CT
East-Haddam-BrewingAfter retiring as the Metropolitan Opera’s technical director in 2008, brewery founder Joe Clark ventured to Germany to study the craft of beer making. Clark’s idea for a brewery first took shape during the 1970’s, while studying abroad in Munich as a Yale Grad student, near the oldest brewery in the world. After exploring other properties in the area, Clark settled on the former site of a distillery on Creamery Road to house his brewing business.
Firefly Hollow Brewing Co- Bristol, CT
Firefly-Hollow-BrewingFirefly Hollow Brewing Company is located in a historic factory building in Bristol, Connecticut. Firefly Hollow started as an extension of the homebrew supply shop Brew & Wine Hobby in East Hartford.
Half Full Brewery – Stamford, CT
Half-Full-BreweryLocated in Stamford Ct, Half Full, is the realization of a dream for a few friends.  What started off as home brewing quickly became a passion for crafted some of the best beers in CT.  With lots of energy and lots of brewing skill, these guys have it going on!
New England Brewing Co – Woodbridge, CT
New-England-Brewing-CoNew England Brewing Company is a small craft brewery located in Woodbridge, CT.  they are proud to be brewing carefully crafted beers for local consumption. New England is one of the pioneers of putting quality craft beer in cans and has an ever growing line up of beers that offer both traditional ales and lagers as well more unique takes on existing styles.
Olde Burnside Brewing Co – East Hartford, CT
Olde-Burnside-Brewing-CompanyFounded in 2000, Olde Burnside Brewing is an artisan brewery dedicated to producing well-balanced, high-quality brews with distinctive flavor and character. Using only the choicest ingredients coupled with our own unique pure water source located on our property, with similar mineral characteristics as the water in Burton -on-Trent, Olde Burnside Brewing hand crafts traditional ales with a Scottish twist. Brewed in small batches, our beer is never filtered or pasteurized and contains no preservatives, additives or stabilizers.
Overshores Brewing Co – Killingworth, CT
Relic Brewing Co – Plainville, CT
Relic-Brewing-CompanyMaking small amounts, of great beer, Relic is a hard to find gem.  Only available in choice locations Relic uses the best ingredients to deliver fresh, full flavored brews!
Shebeen Brewing Company- Wolcott, CT
Thimble Island Brewery – Branford, CT
Thomas Hooker Brewing Co LLC – Bloomfield, CT
Thomas-Hooker-BrewingProudly named for the founder of Hartford, Thomas Hooker Ales & Lagers are distinctive in that they are brewed true to style – hand-crafted from the finest ingredients. The small batch brewing employed by Thomas Hooker allows for quality control and freshness, which are more in line with Americans demand for local products with a focus on freshness and quality.
Top Shelf Brewing Co – Manchester, CT
top-shelf-breweryThey plan to be open by the end of 2013!  Sure to be another great CT brew!
Two Roads Brewing Co – Stratford, CT
Two-Roads-BrewingTwo Roads isn’t just the logo on our brewery building, it’s their philosophy. As the guys at Two Roads say, “Life always seems to offer up two ways to go. It just so happens, we prefer the one less taken and having some fun along the way – in our lives, our careers and especially for our beers!”  Now they are bringing some of the best and newest beers to CT’s craft beer lovers.