Vodka Food Pairings

Penne with vodka sauce is the dish that first comes to mind when thinking about vodka and food pairings – but it is just one of the multitude of dishes made better thanks to the flavor and versatility of vodka.

Flavored vodkas such as citrus, pear, peppercorn and vanilla can be added to foods to add depth and flavor. Imagine the infusion of vanilla flavored vodka in your favorite crème brulle or a drizzle of lemon vodka on a scoop of lemon sorbet. Spike the flavor of sauted scallops with a splash of peppercorn vodka in the pan. The key is to have fun and our extensive selection of fine vodkas, both flavored and traditional provides the ingredients to do just that.

If you need some inspiration, give these recipes a try to see the layered tastes you can achieve cooking with vodka –

Bourbon Food Pairings

You already know bourbon is a great complement to cooking – after all, bourbon, ribs and barbeque sauce go together like hot dogs and apple pie. But, bourbon’s versatility in cooking extends beyond these traditional areas.

Sit back and savor one of our fine bourbons and enhance the flavor of your next meal with is as an ingredient in one of these recipes.


Tequila Food Pairings

Tequila is not just for spring break anymore. Tequila has come a long way from the “fire water” you drank quickly and winced as it went down. Visit our tequila section to see our extensive selection of tequilas meant to be savored like a fine wine.

Our tequilas pair well with food and can be used to create succulent dishes. These recipes offer a chance to infuse your meal with the exquisite flavor of your favorite tequila.


Scotch & Whiskey Food Pairings

Peaty, woody, winey, floral – whiskey has a bouquet of aromas that make it an ideal spirit for sipping and savoring. The rich and varied flavors in whiskey and scotch also make them perfect ingredients for savory recipes. Try these to experience the benefits of cooking with whiskey.


Gin Food Pairings

The essence of botanicals in gin balances well with the briny flavor of  seafood dishes, especially shellfish.  Sip gin with your next fish meal and experience these complementary flavors of the spirits and meal.