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European Collection from Poland

Embroidery Art Cards

Printed on heavy recycled paper. Blank inside. Kraft brown envelope.

Francesca draws inspiration for her embroidery from the rural village in countryside and her surroundings. 

Summer Selvage Sunflower Embroidery Art Card

The Lobster Love Embroidery Art Card

Midsummer Gather Embroidery Art Card

The Wingman Seagull Embroidery Art Card

Wild Heather Embroidery Art Card

The Plenty of Fish Mackerel Embroidery Art Card

The Walmer Boat Embroidery Art Card


Fun and festive. 20 paper napkins in each pack.

Each piece of art is hand painted By Tina and printed in her studio in Concord, Mass.

Lobster cocktail napkins

Skis on Fence cocktail napkins

All cards and napkins are available in-store.

We support small, female owned businesses.